Mudventure Reflective Coat


This waterproof reflective coat is a great new addition to the Hurtta Family.

With its bright, reflective shell, this clever dog high-vis coat will help your dog stand out in the city, the park, and on dark jogging paths.


Autumn and wintertime means less light and that’s why we designed the Mudventure Reflective Dog Coat. The absolute highlight of this dog raincoat is its reflective surface fabric which helps your dog to be seen from all sides. And while this dog rain jacket is great for fall and winter, it will also help keep water and dirt away no matter what the season. But if you’re looking for maximum visibility, the new Mudventure Reflective Coat is just what you need.

Wander without worry:
-Great for forest hikes and camping
-Stay visible in busy urban environments
-Be seen in poorly lit areas
-Extra bright for high-traffic areas

This very light dog jacket is easily packable making it ideal for road trips, travel, or just to keep in a purse or backpack. Quick evening trip to the dog park? Poorly lit path or roadway? Not to worry, the bright, reflective shell fabric will help your dog stand out like a light.

Dogs have better night vision than we do. And in the city at night you need to take extra precautions to be seen by motorists. Having a nice reflective dog jacket can make a big difference. In fact, a dog wearing effective reflectors can be seen up to 3 times farther than a dog that’s not wearing reflectors.

Beyond urban areas where there are fewer streetlights than in the city, and really anywhere you walk or run with your dog at night or before sunup, and even if you use a leash, it’s that much more important to have adequate reflectors or garments that feature reflective materials.

This thin dog raincoat does not have a fabric lining but it is laminated with a soft, smooth material. In addition to the highly reflective surface fabric, waterproofing has been carefully considered in the jacket’s design. The jacket has a leash attachment opening that can be snapped closed to keep water from running down the dog’s back. Plus a waterproof rain-stopper collar that can be tightened behind the ears to keep water from running down the dog’s neck. And the raincoat features fully taped seams, making it truly waterproof and ready for rainy day adventures.

Thanks to the loops on the back legs, the raincoat stays in place during fast runs and in windy weather. The back length is easily adjustable for a snug fit, and the adjustable stretch-fabric belt at the waist helps to keep your dog comfortable.

Wet weather-ready and full of features:

-Adjustable back length
-Adjustable, flexible waist strap
-Back leg loops keep raincoat in place
-Rain-stopper inner collar
-Waterproof leash attachment opening
-Leash opening seals to keep water out
-Unlined: light, cool and packable
-Waterproof: fully taped seams
-Soft, laminated material


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