Our secrets to a long, happy product life.

Hurtta products are built tough to last for many adventures. If your dog outgrows a product, we encourage you to pass it on to another dog. Or try to find some other creative use for it or its materials, such as in a craft project. The more use and fun you get out of a Hurtta product, the better its impact on the environment.

Reuse and recycle packaging and shipping shipping boxes Strings from product packaging and hangers can be used as keychains or even hair loops. Sort plastic bags for plastic recycling and cardboard packaging and hanger tags for cardboard recycling. Flatten shipping boxes and pack them together. There is no need to remove small plastic parts or packing tapes.

Reusing, recycling and sorting products

If your dog no longer needs or has outgrown a product but it is usable, we encourage you to find a use for it. Sell it or lend it to friends, it could be a welcomed gift! Hurtta products are in high demand, for example on the Internet in dog flea markets or in traditional flea markets.

If the Hurtta product is no longer suitable for use or its materials are not suitable for reuse, you can always deliver the product to a Textile Recycling Center.

Reusing a damaged Hurtta product

If a product can’t be repaired or handed down, the product materials can often be reused in a new way. For example, lining fabrics of raincoats are well suited as paw towels for dogs. The large print reflectors on the outer fabrics of the jackets can be used to make safety scarves, hanging reflectors or add-on patches for your dog’s non-reflective garments. Dogs also love toys that can be safely torn and frayed.

What better material than one that’s already broken in? Wash the products according to the care instructions before crafting.


Cut suitably large pieces of the product’s lining fabric. Sewing the edges on a sewing machine will prevent the edges from coming loose. Use on muddy paws when your dog comes in from outside.


Cut a suitably sized triangular piece of the product’s outer fabric, salvaging the reflective print. If necessary, sew the edges. Remove the rubber cord from the product collar or other fastening point. Fold and sew the long side of the triangle so that a space is formed for threading the rubber cord. Adjust the length of the cord to the length of the dog’s neck with extra room for comfort and connect the ends of the cord with a knot. If you wish, you can cut another piece of the same size from the outer fabric and sew the pieces together. This inside section of the scarf may be finished the same way.

HANGING REFLECTORS (Slightly more challenging to make)

Cut two round or triangular pieces, for example, from the product’s outer fabric, salvaging the reflective print. Put the right sides of the pieces together and sew the edges, leaving a turning hole of about 2-3 cm. Position the reflector so that the seams remain inside. Fill the reflector with product wadding. Remove the rubber cord from the product collar or other fastening point. Make a 5-10 cm long loop of rubber cord and tie the ends together. Place a knot inside and sew the hole closed. Do a few reinforcement stitches on top of the cord. Attach your new reflector to a dog harness or leash or your own bag or backpack.


For example, cut a round or triangular piece of the outer fabric of the broken product, salvaging the reflective print. Repair another broken Hurtta product or other garment by sewing a reflective patch over the torn area. The area may also be fastened with adhesive tape, but it may not withstand heavy wear and tear and multiple washings.


Soft pull toys for dogs

Cut three strips of material from the upper or lining fabric suitable for the dog’s size. The wider the strips, the thicker the toy becomes, and correspondingly, the longer they are, the longer the toy you can make. Tie the strips together so you can braid them. Stop braiding when there are more than 5cm of strips left and make a knot at the end. Do not leave dogs unattended with toys.

Dog rope / leash toys

You can make these toys from old rope or strap leashes. Cut out the metal parts. Burn the ends of the straps or ropes to prevent them from unwinding. Then select the toy you would like to make. For some instructions you will need two leashes. The instructions work best for leashes made from a 180 cm long leash. Do not leave dogs unattended with toys.

Soft toys for dogs

You will need a sewing machine. Cut two pieces of the quilted fabric into your desired shape. Obviously a toy made of outer fabric will be more durable than using a lining fabric. Turn the right sides together and sew the pieces together, leaving a space of about 4 cm. Turn the stitch and fill it with cotton wool. Cut the desired length, at least 15cm, from the belt of the jacket. Slide the ends of the tape inside the opening and fold the edges. Sew the opening closed and make several back and forth stitches as reinforcement so that the ribbon ends withstand boisterous play. You can make several different shaped toys with or without ribbons. Do not use plastic or metal parts. Do not leave dogs unattended with toys.

Rubber hair loops / Rubber braids

Remove the rubber cords from the packaging or the damaged Hurtta product. Cut about 15 cm pieces of rubber cord. Burn the ends of the rubber cord so that the overlay does not come loose. Tie the ends of the cord together and use it as a hair loop. If you have a hot glue gun, connect the ends of the rubber cord with hot glue, allow the glue to dry and use it as a hair loop. Never leave glue guns unattended.

Decorative hair loop

Follow the instructions for a rope toy and make a monkey’s fist knot out of rubber bands or elastic straps. Then connect the ends of the rubber cord with either a knot or hot glue. Never leave glue guns unattended.

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